Ethical working

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We have thousands of colleagues who, every day, collaborate with each other, serve customers, and manage our products and services. For our business to function fairly and ethically and to protect our employees and the world around us, it is essential we have clear rules of conduct. 


Our code of conduct outlines in black and white what we expect of everyone within VodafoneZiggo: formally, informally and ethically. The Privacy, Risk and Compliance department works continuously on the awareness for all employees.

To promote the code of conduct, the Privacy, Risk & Compliance department runs an “integrity programme” to ensure a firm foundation for our code of conduct and our ethical and open culture. As part of this, they run year-round campaigns on ‘We Do / We Don’t’ – focused on a different ethical theme every month – and they require all new employees to complete an e-learning course in ethical conduct, covering topics such as privacy, security, anti-bribery, competition law and health and well-being. All colleagues must complete a refresher course every year, and colleagues and teams for whom specific topics are especially relevant complete additional training.

We also require all employees to declare any gifts, hospitality or potential conflicts of interest. This helps ensure transparency and protects colleagues, our organisation and our stakeholders.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to entirely prevent a breach of the code of conduct. That is why a safe and open company culture is so important, in which employees feel safe and empowered to report concerns, confident that VodafoneZiggo will protect them adequately.

Employees can report to managers and the Security, Compliance or HR departments. In 2022, we introduced trust buddies – trained colleagues to whom you can go for a listening ear or a safe and confidential place to tell your story and when needed provide support on how to proceed. For anonymous reporting, employees have access to Whispli, an external reporting tool that enables secure and anonymous contact between the person submitting a report and the person handling it. In addition, we have an external confidential adviser and a complaints committee for transgressive behaviour.

In 2022, we witnessed an increase in reports across our different reporting channels. We largely put this down to an increased attention and awareness in society and our employees and our commitment to highlighting our code of conduct and reporting process to employees. 

Reporting channel  



Security (transgressive behaviour)  



External confidential adviser  



Complaints Committee   







Our Human Rights Statement  (new window) sets out several promises regarding how we interact with employees, suppliers and broader society. It also underlines our commitment to acting ethically, sustainably, and without abuses – covering issues like bribery and child labour – across the entire value chain. It is also in keeping with our Code of Sustainable and Ethical Purchasing (new window). We screen all of our suppliers using a variety of processes, including questionnaires and other tools. We also work hard to find any risks applicable to suppliers and that we implement suitable measures jointly. We will cease doing business with them if no effective solution is forthcoming. 

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